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LED Vertigo each Rental (dance floor light)

  • Classic Vertigo or mushroom effect now updated with tri colored LED's allowing for solid color change as well as color combinations projected
  • Bright high quality LED's produce rich vibrant colors that have a wide angle coverage
  • Sound active self contained unit needs only sound to come alive, reacts to the bass tone in the music
  • Durable metal housing can take the abuse of the mobile entertainer
  • American DJ Vertigo Tri LED High Energy Tri Colored Vertigo Effect Light, Bright Rich Colors Criss Cross To The Beat Of The Music
  • Revo 4 offers the user onboard chase programs that are so extensive that the unit can run for hours and continue to dazzle the crowd
  • When in DMX mode the user can effectively create their own programs or simply select from the onboard programs and run only the programs that they want to use.
  • Selectable onboard programs on the rear digital panel select one or run through them all you choose.
  • Wide coverage and dynamic programs like no other unit.
  • Digital menu for ease of navigation to programs as well as dmx addressing no dip switches.



  • Change colour to the beat of the music.
  • Can be used for either dance floor lighting, or up-lighting for around the room.
  • As Up-lighting, the par cans give the room an ambiance of whichever colour you choose!
  • Can be programmed and used as a spotlight, or for dance floor effects. Has a moving head that rotates 360 degrees!
  • Green laser Rental
  • Blue  star laser Rental
  • full color laser 1000mw Rental
  • each 8ft with bass plate rental
  • truss sock with led color extra rental
  • An extra truss or two may be required for extra lighting effects. They can also hold LCD Screens at the top, and be coloured with a truss sleeve.
  • A wireless mic that clips on to clothing. 
  • Includes screen, karaoke tracks, and microphones. 
  • rental depends on package.
  • projector, screen and DVD player


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